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Archive mode

The AllStarLink team has completed the move of all content here to the wiki.
This site is in archive mode, all new content is on the wiki.

The advantage to the wiki is anyone may edit and extend it, and it provides the familiar wiki interface.

We're Moving

This site's content is gradually moving to our WiKi at Please check there for the latest information.

Remote Base Interface Board Available Again

Marshall Oldham - ke6pcv has a supply of TMG-707 remote base interface board. Please contact Marshall at or see for more information.


It is with deep regret that my long time friend Jim Dixon passed away on 12/16.

New Asterisk/app_rpt Documentation Site

The site will be going away soon, if it hasn't all ready, due to lack of support. While the domain name ohnosec (that moment you realize you really screwed up) was cute, allstarlink is probably the right domain name for this content. So here we are. Welcome to the new site.

We've moved all the Asterisk/app_rpt content to here. Some things have been reorganized and/or renamed. Hopefully the new layout makes it easier to find stuff. Use the search box if you can't find something.

Due Credit

This page has been moved to the wiki here.
Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

This site is mostly a cut and paste from the original Drupal site. That site and the majority of its articles were developed by Steve Rogers WA6ZFT. Of course Jim Dixon WB6NIL and others have contributed to the original site over time.

The New App_rpt Site

Any Day

We're building a brand new Asterisk/app_rpt site with the latest version of Drupal. The content here is incomplete but feel free to look around.


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