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Fix Zaptel After a Yum Update

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

Yum, the CentOS package manager, can update your system including the kernel. If you ever done a "yum update" you found out it breaks Asterisk/app_rpt. Here's how to recover from that.

First update Asterisk from SVN. This is the normal update process. While this isn't strictly necessary now is as good a time as any to update.

cd /usr/src
rm -rf astsrc
wget -O- | tar xzv
mv trunk astsrc
cd astsrc
make upgrade-acid

Next we update Zaptel. This is the part that actually fixes the problem. (written by Thor N7JCT)

cd /usr/src/astsrc/zaptel
make install
make config
modprobe zaptel
service zaptel start
service asterisk restart