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Cable Adapter Card for TMG-707A (to URI/PCI Radio)

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

This card (bare-board) is available from Marshall Oldham
for $20.00 USD. It uses all standard thru-hole parts that takes very
little specialized skils to construct.

Hi-res Photo

As you can see, the card is perforated into 2 separate pieces.
One side (the "A" side) is an interface between the DMK URI
and the Kenwood TMG-707A. The other side (the "B" side) is an
interface between the 4 port PCI CARD and the
Kenwood TMG-707A.

Here is an example of a fully-constructed "A" side:

It plugs directly into the end of the URI with the 25 pin connector,
and a serial port on your PC device with the 9 pin D-shell connector.

Here is an example of a fully-constructed "B" side:

Its 8 pin modular jack goes to a shielded straight-thru modular
cable to a port on the 4 port PCI card.

Both sides use a 6 pin Male to Male mini-DIN cable with low profile
connectors, available from L-Com, to connect to the TMG-707A.

The Bill of Materials for the whole card (including DIGIKEY part
numbers may be accessed here.

Note: This Bill of Materials is for the BOTH halves of the board.
If you dont intend to use both halves, then dont buy the parts for
the half you dont want.

And for those who are interested here is the schematic.