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Managing Telemetry Output

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

Asterisk/app_rpt sends its telemetry information to all other connected systems through out-of-band
messages over the VOIP connection. It is purely up to each local system to decide what to do with this
information. It can announce it, or ignore it. Whatever is appropriate at the moment in each systems

Note: The configuration options mentioned below only apply to what is heard on a specific channel type;
out-of-band telemetry messages will be silently forwarded by the node to all other (compatible) nodes connected in transceive mode.

There are configuration and mode options allowing all telemetry (both local and obtained from other nodes)
to be either always announced, never announced, or announced only when a function is executed and
and short time thereafter.

Note: Please make sure app_rpt.c version 0.186 is compiled on your system before using any of these features as this documentation reflects the operation of app_rpt.c version 0.186 or later.

There are 5 telemetry channels which can be individually managed:

Telemetry Channel Definition
Local Telemetry on the local (non-network) node as a result of a any event
GUI Telemetry which the GUI user hears
Phone Telemetry which the phone user hears
Echolink Telemetry which the echolink user hears