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Using "screen" to show someone how to do something

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

ACID (and soon Limey Linux) have the screen program available so that you can share an ssh session with someone and show them how to change a setting, or fix a problem. The screen program links 2 ssh users logged in under the same user name so that they can both see what is going on on the system, and can both send commands to change the operation of the system.

In order for this to work, the "teacher" logs in as root on the node, and executes the following command at the shell prompt:

screen -S showu

The "student" then logs in as root and executes the following command:

screen -x showu

From this point forward, both login sessions are linked.

When you need to sever the link, the screen can be detached by pressing the control+A and then the control+K key. You'll be prompted with "Really kill this window?" Type y, and the linked session will be killed.