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The rpt.conf configuration file holds configuration information for app_rpt, the Asterisk repeater application. It is a complex configuration file, with a large number of options. It will be helpful to have a copy of rpt.conf in front of you while reading this section.

rpt.conf structure

rpt.conf relies heavily on the use of stanzas to glue related bits of information together. Stanzas are also referenced by other stanzas by using key=value pairs to reference the other stanza within a given stanza. The node stanza makes use of a lot of references to other stanzas within rpt.conf.

Stanza Types

Within rpt.conf there are several stanza types. They are are summarized below.

There may be several stanzas of the same type in rpt.conf. For example, a system with two nodes defined will have two node stanzas.