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It is with deep regret that my long time friend Jim Dixon passed away on 12/16. I've known Jim since we were teenagers, and our interest in electronics engineering was self-reinforcing for both of us. Jim was a bright and caring individual who really loved socializing with others. With regard to Allstar Link, Jim did give me access to the servers, and I have been working to transition control to Steve Zingman N4IRS. He will take over management of Allstar Link. We are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that Allstar Link continues to be as Jim envisioned it.

In the near term, Steve and his team will create a non-profit entity for Allstar Link. Management of Allstar Link is such that it requires a team of individuals all working together to ensure its long term viability. We currently have a transition team in place running the day-to-day operations, node numbers, etc.

Final note: At this time donations to Jim's Paypal account should not be sent to his account since we don't have control over it. We will set up something soon to handle incoming donations, and will let everyone know when it is in place.