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Control State Stanza

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

The Control State Stanza allows groups of Control Operator commands to be defined and then executed with one simple command.

There are several predefined nmemonics (keywords) used in the control state stanza to enable and disable the various features of the controller. These nmemonics correspond to the control operator command to be executed and most of these are the same groups of letters sent back when a single control operator command is executed on the controller.


COP Method
app_rpt Version
rptena Repeater Enable 2 -
rptdis Repeater Disable 3 -
totena Timeout Timer Enable 7 -
totdis Timeout Timer Disable 8 -
apena Autopatch Enable 9 -
apdis Autopatch Disable 10 -
lnkena Link Enable 11 -
lnkdis Link Disable 12 -
skena Scheduler Enable 15 -
skdis Scheduler Disable 16 -
ufena User Functions Enable 17 -
ufdis User Functions Disable 18 -
atena Alternate Hangtime Enable 19 -
atdis Alternate Hangtime Disable 20 -
noice No Incoming Connections Enable 49 0.188
noicd No Incoming Connections Disable 50 0.188
slpen Sleep Mode Enable 51 0.206
slpds Sleep Mode Disable 52 0.206


A typical control state stanza would look like this:

;statenum = copcmd,[copcmd]...                                            
0 = rptena,lnkena,apena,totena                                          
1 = rptena,lnkena,apdis,totdis                                               
2 = rptdis,lnkena,apena,totena         

This stanza is named by the controlstates= key/value pair in the node stanza.

Changing the Control State

To change the control state, define a COP command for COP mothod 14 in the node stanza similar to:


This will allow a single digit from 0-9 to be specified as the state number following the COP command. So, to load control state 2, one would dial 9991232

To enable querying the control state from the radio, define COP command for COP method 13 in the node stanza similar to:


When 999121 is dialed, the state number will be read back in voice.