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Function Stanzas

This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

Function stanzas control access to DTMF commands that a user can issue from various control points in app_rpt. There can be separate function stanzas defined for radio interfaces, and dial-in access. Nodes on the same Asterisk/app_rpt server can have separate (or same) function stanzas. A function stanza key/value pair has the following format:



  • dtmfcommand is a DTMF digit sequence minus the start character (usually *)
  • functionclass is a string which defines what class of command (see the next page)
  • functionmethod defines the optional method number to use in the function class.
  • functionoptions are one or more optional comma separated parameters which further define a command.

for example:

989=cop,4   ; generate test tone.

This stanza is named by the functions=, link_functions=, or the phone_functions= key/value pairs in the node stanza.

DTMF Function Decoding Rules

  1. A DTMF star (*) is implied as a prefix unless overridden with some other sequence in rpt.conf
  2. The function decoder stops decoding when it matches the shortest digit sequence in the list, and will execute that function method. DTMF sequences which start the same first digits in common but which are longer will never be executed. For example if two DTMF functions are defined in the function stanza as 12 and 123, the DTMF function 123 will never be executed. likewise, if the the DTMF functions 122, and 123 are defined, both will be able to be executed. All DTMF functions must defined as digit sequences which have no digits in common with any other defined functions.
  3. The function decoder incorporates a digit timer which will reset the decoder if an incomplete command is received.
  4. Loss of signal on the receiver will not affect the operation of the function decoder. You can re-key and enter the rest of the command provided it is within the digit time out time.
  5. The function decoder will continue to accept digits until the function method specified thinks it can execute the command without requiring any more digits.
  6. If the start digit is a star, the star can be sent in an incomplete command to reset the function decoder and start over. For example the DTMF digit sequence *2*7 will report back link status even though the command started out as a link monitor command.

Allstar Link Standard Commands

If your node is participating in Allstar link, the commonly used function should not be changed so that users from out of the area can use the node.