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This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

Asterisk/app_rpt is a full featured, Linux based repeater controller with carrier quality VoIP full-duplex linking.

  • Voting and simulcast over IP networks with Allstar thin client hardware (RTCM).
  • Multiple repeaters may be interfaced at one site while only running one instance of Asterisk/app_rpt on one computer. Repeaters can be in the same or different groups so that you can have, for example, Amateur and GMRS repeaters controlled by the same computer but set up in a way that they can never be interconnected. Multiple Allstar/app_rpt computers may be run behind one public IP address (NAT port forwarding) if desired.
  • Multiple hardware interfaces supported including those listed on this page, and the Allstar RTCM.
  • No central authority for authorizing connections. You are free to use our Allstar Link, or set up a your own completely isolated network of systems.
  • Ad-hoc connectivity. Any node can connect with any other node. Any number of nodes can connect to a node (subject to bandwidth limitations).
  • All of the security features in Asterisk are at your disposal (Public/Private keys, IP address filtering) plus,¬† a Registration-based authentication method for Allstar nodes to handle Internetconnections with dynamic IP addresses
  • The ability to remotely execute a DTMF command on any node from any other node.
  • Asterisk/app_rpt can run on a Mini-ITX embedded PC powered off of 13.8VDC using¬† Limey Linux and a Compact Flash Boot Device.
  • Autopatch, and Reverse Autopatch over traditional landlines or through a VoIP service provider. VOX-based or full duplex.
  • VHF/UHF remote base operation using the TM-271A, Kenwood TMG-707A, Motorola Syntor X and others.
  • HF remote base operation using the Yeasu FT-897 or ICOM IC-706 all-mode radios.
  • Secure remote base access using individual user logins to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Interoperability with Echolink
  • Control and access to the radio via dialup.
  • SIP and/or IAX for soft or hard phone access to nodes.
  • iaxRPT soft dispatch console for Windows.
  • Facilities to integrate with existing addressable full duplex RF linked systems.
  • IAX2/ADPCM (g726aal2) uses 55 kilobits of bandwidth. Optionally, GSM may be employed to reduce the bandwidth to 35 kilobits.
  • Asterisk/app_rpt is an open-source project licensed under the GPL. This means you get the source code and can make any modifications you wish provided you make your modifications available to the community.