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This page has been moved to the wiki here.

Please use the wiki, as this information here is out of date.

This file sets up the app_rpt interface to an RTCM. The RTCM may be used in any of 3 modes; non-voting client mode, voting mode or voting and simulcast mode. More information is available on the Allstar Projects page. The RTCM user manual available from the Micro-Node site has additional information.

port = 667
; buflen = 120 min value that works at all
buflen = 180
password = something

NORTH = radio1,transmit
SOUTH = radio2,master,transmit
WEST = radio3,nodeemp                   ; bypass filter in RTCM  
EAST = radio4,transmit,noplfilter       ; bypass filter in RTCM
; streams =
; plfilter = y                          ; DSP high pass filter
txctcss = 107.2
txctcsslevel = 20                       ; Transmit CTCSS level. Set to zero for off
txtoctype = notone                      ; chicken burst 
thresholds = 255,110=5